15 Lucky Dancers Just Had The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Those born with a passion for dance are some of the most hard-working, driven people out there. They dare to dream big and don’t shy away from chasing after huge opportunities. And because a career in dance can take so many shapes, the path to dream-chasing is varied and unique to each person. But one thing some lovers of movement have in common is that they aspire to dance on a big stage.

For the 15 people you’ll meet in the video above, their passions led them to careers as Zumba® Instructors. Recently, they all grabbed onto an opportunity that changed their lives forever.

15 Zumba Instructors were given the chance to teach at the biggest Zumba event of the year. They shared the stage with Zumba creator Beto Perez as they danced with 8,000 fellow instructors at the annual Zumba Fitness-Concert™. 15 lucky instructors got to live this amazing experience first-hand.

For two intense weeks, they all lived in a house together, rehearsed eight hours a day, trained harder than they ever had in their lives, and earned every second in that spotlight. It culminated with an unforgettable 90-minute performance that they will never stop smiling about. And we were there for every step of their journey.

Watch above to see what happens when 15 dancers’ dreams come true.

Beto is always on the lookout! If you’re a ZIN™ (Zumba® Instructor Network) Member, show your moves to your favorite Zumba® original song and post it to Instagram with #ZINsquad. You never know what can happen!





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