Miami, FL (April 16, 2015) – Global Fitness leader Zumba has launched a platform called “Zumba Stories,” where real people share their real-life journeys and triumphs to inspire a healthier and happier world. Zumba, the largest dance-fitness company in the world, already spreads joy and changes lives in over 180+ countries with its contagious rhythms and choreography; now ‘Zumba Stories’ provides a voice to those journeys and life changing moments behind the 15 million people taking classes every week.

“The heart of the Zumba brand is held together by the millions of people all over the world who look at Zumba class as that one hour during the day to let go and feel completely free of life’s challenges that we all face,” said Zumba CEO and Co-Founder Alberto Perlman. “They connect with their instructors and friends, escape hardships and gain confidence to achieve big things. Zumba Stories inspires, encourages and helps everyone make a difference, the way the people profiled here have been able to do for themselves. We feel honored to provide them with a platform to share their incredible stories.”

Zumbastories.com features new and inspiring, real-life shareable content that everyone can relate to, from weight loss to beating depression, facing adversity and illnesses–even near death experiences. Two of the featured stories include:

Smiling On The Outside, Trapped Inside

Alena Shifrin spent much of her life overweight…smiling on the outside, but trapped and sad on the inside. In 2011, she learned of her exceptionally high cholesterol and decided it was time to make a big change. Today, Alena is 155 pounds lighter. Click here to watch her story.


Leg Amputation Saved My Life

Adela Crufe-Alvarez was teaching a Zumba class and didn’t feel so well. Weeks later after awaking from a coma, Adela’s leg had been amputated in order to save her life. Instead of crying, she expressed, “But I have another leg, and I have my two hands!” Today she is still practicing her Zumba moves with a new appreciation for life. Click here to watch her story.