Zumba Shaking The UK by Storm.


This week Beto Perez, co-founder of Zumba®, was in the UK hosting the UK Zumba® Instructor Academy and decided to shake things up at The Cathedral Primary School, Southwark, with an exclusive Zumba® Kids class.

Zumba® is exploring a relationship with the UK school system to get children more active as a way to help combat childhood obesity and inspire interest in different sports . Obesity doubles in children between the beginning and end of primary school. And physical activity declines more steeply in girls who often lose interest in activity during their adolescence. By the age of 14, only one in 10 girls meet the recommended activity level.

“I believe we were all born with a rhythm, a beat – a readiness to move when we hear music,” said Beto. “If we can get people moving from an early age, they will reap the health benefits later in life.”

Right now, there are more than 10,000 kids in the UK taking Zumba® classes. Zumba® Kids utilizes the same “exercise in disguise” party formula that makes the Zumba® program so popular. Some midday partying during school hours that parents and kids both agree on? Win-win!