If Zumba® Were an Olympic Sport

Watching the Olympics every two years is a special experience – the inspiring athletes, international camaraderie, and exciting competitions are truly unique. Now that the 2018 winter games are over, we’re thinking what it would be like if Zumba® was an Olympic event (can you even imagine??).

The Uniforms: Anybody can wear the colors of their flag. But, only a Zumba Olympian could pull off metallics, tassels, and superhero-themed gear… and don’t get us started on the footwear options!

The Equipment: Maybe we don’t need anything… but we sure do feel more confident with a button down shirt tied around our waists and a wrist-full of bangles.

The Stories: Sure, many Olympians have overcome adversity or made major trade-offs to pursue their sports. Zumba athletes are just as or more inspiring – have you read their stories lately?

The Judging: Zumba at the Olympics would be all about the flare: extra points for the fastest shimmy, the deepest squat, and the biggest smile! Athletes would face a tenth of a point deduction for lacking attitude and sass.

The Coaches: Head coach Beto Perez would be cheering for the Zumba athletes the whole way through, dancing along on the sidelines and being there for post-performance selfies.
The Sport: Zumba athletes would be among the toughest competitors. It takes true athleticism, stamina, and grit to make it through a grueling Zumba class AND have a smile on your face at the end!


Jennifer Lauren

Jennifer Lauren is a Zumba® instructor from New York. She blogs about teaching Zumba® classes and all things fitness at www.TheZBeat.com.



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