How Zumba Is Making a Difference in Madagascar

Get to know Zum’Mada – an organization of 11 Zumba Instructors who teach at the one and only fully Zumba-dedicated studio in Madagascar, the island nation off the coast of Africa. Since 2013, the 11 Instructors (10 of which are Malagasy) have worked passionately to create a series of free outdoor events that take place in several cities across the island.

“The idea behind the two and a half hour events is to make the Zumba program accessible to everybody in a fun way,” explain Zum’Mada organizers Ietje Reerink and Rova Rakotondrahova. “We are also raising awareness about youth reproductive health issues and more topics related to women’s health.”

Many of these issues are neglected or not well known in Madagascar, as they are in other parts of the developing world. To see how Zum’Mada is creating awareness, watch this video and stay in the loop by following them on YouTube.

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