Zumba Favorite Francesca Maria Has Big News

Our beloved Francesca Maria – an amazing Italian-born singer, dancer, and Zumba Instructor Network™ Member (you know her song, ‘Popee’) – had some exciting news to share recently. The rising star has signed with Sony Music Italy’s International Repertoire Division!

Francesca first became well-known as a choreographer, collaborating with Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Jay-Z, just to name a few. One of her first dance hits, ‘Dale Dale’, became a sensation within the Zumba community, reaching 15 million people every week. Since then, she’s released multiple dance hits and her music has become a staple in any Zumba class around the world.  She’s even performed at the annual Zumba Instructor Convention.

Francesca’s latest single, ‘The Bombay’, is climbing the global charts with its funky, Bollywood-esque dance vibes. And the accompanying choreography is – you guessed it – an awesome Zumba routine!

Francesca says, “The Bombay is a celebration of the power that music has on people; that “I just can’t help but dance” rush we get with certain songs. The sense of joy and freedom that music gives to all of us no matter our age, culture , weight, color or belief.”

Francesca’s A+R representative at Sony, Andrea Corelli, tells us, “It’s extremely exciting to work with Francesca. We signed her not only for the great song [‘The Bombay’], but also because she is a true volcano of creativity, and such a passionate artist able to infect with her enthusiasm anyone she works with, so it’s a true pleasure to work with her.”

ZIN™ Members: you can find this song on ZIN 66, which is out now!

Francesca wants the Zumba Family to know that she’s got nothing but love in her heart: “It has been an incredible journey that you’ve all been part of by watching me grow as an artist, by dancing to my songs in your classes and supporting me all the way and I am truly happy to continue sharing it with you.”

We’re so proud that Zumba has played such a prominent role in Francesca’s career and we’re here to offer our love and support, always! Check out the choreography (featuring Zumba Jammers Alessandro Belletti, Marina Paraluppi, Juan Miguel, and Luana Diaz) and spread the love for our girl, Francesca Maria.




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