Zumba® Classes Kept Me Happy Throughout Cancer Treatment

“I was diagnosed with cancer in August of last year, the very same month that I started taking weekly Zumba classes. Even though I was very sick, I kept on attending my classes because my doctor said it was good for me to keep being happy. In fact, I loved my classes so much that when I was under the effects of anesthesia after my first surgery, I put on my gym clothes and announced to my doctor that I was going to Zumba class!

These classes have completely changed my life. They have helped me to be happy instead of focusing on my problems. They have helped me incorporate exercise and health into my life. They have helped me learn how to dance. And most importantly, they have helped me stay alive.

I’m finishing my last two chemotherapy sessions this month and my last tomography came back clean. This has been the hardest time of my life, but I am so glad and so thankful to be alive. I hope my story can inspire others to keep going when they are struggling through difficult times. Find what makes you happy and never stop dancing.”

– Noelia Gomes da Costa, devoted Zumba student and avid pursuer of happiness

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