#ZINCON2014 is coming!

Eight reasons you should be at the ZIN™ DJ Stage this Zumba® Instructor Convention. (Yes, we had to narrow it down to only eight!)

1. Giveaways and Prizes, Galore! With so many great sponsors, the chances to win some sweet swag are happening every…single…day. Be sure to check the schedule to make sure you’re there when the action happens. From drink ticket raffles, to an iPad mini, to FREE registration for next year’s Convention, these giveaways are the real deal.

2. Drinks and Dancing Yes, your eyes don’t lie. The ZIN™ DJ Stage will have TWO cash bars that will be open and ready for ya. Better than that? DJ Francis will be bumpin’ tunes for everyone to break it down in an open area. More mingling. More dancing. Even more fun! (Who knew it was possible to have more fun than usual?!)

3. Come Show Off Your Skills! The ZIN™ DJ Stage will be featuring demonstrations, Home Office mini-sessions on how to advance your career, dance-offs, karaoke and a chance to take a break and let loose. Don’t miss your chance to show off what you’re workin’ with!

4. Networking at THE Place to Be. This year, the ZIN™ DJ Stage is where it’s at. Networking with new friends, Home Office and sponsors. Learn, hang, dance, relax – the opportunities are endless.

5. Awesome Hosts. No, but Really. You may have seen these two at the Zumba® wear fashion show last Convention. Well, they’re back and ready to hype you up as the hosts of the ZIN™ DJ Stage. Alain and Allyson will be on stage all Convention, making things fun, funny…and probably a little weird (in the best way possible). Both comedians and Home Office staff, they’re sure to make ya laugh!


6. Our First Time Hosting a Stage! With so much to see and learn each Convention, we knew this year we had to really “bring it.” This stage is the FIRST of it’s kind at Convention, and we’ve packed the schedule with fun and informative events guaranteed to be a must-visit.

7. Get to Know Your Sponsors Sponsors have really put in a lot of time and effort to bring their “A game” to Convention. The ZIN™ DJ Stage will take time to celebrate each sponsor, so you really feel like you know who they are and what they do and how they play a major role in your career.

8. Because Most of All, You Don’t Want to Have FOMO! What’s FOMO, you ask? It’s basically the “Fear Of Missing Out,” and you don’t want that. With so much to experience this Convention, don’t let this be the one thing you pass by. Come drink, dance, laugh, learn and have a blast at the ZIN™ DJ Stage this year!