ZIN 74 has arrived: ‘Fresco’ New Music and Choreo!

While it may be a day (and month) notoriously known for pulling pranks on your friends and co-workers, we can assure you that this new music and choreo alert is not a joke! One of the first highlighted releases from ZIN 74 is a pre-release, which means you can only hear and dance to it in a Zumba class…lucky you! This “Tropi Choke”-style anthem known as “Fresco” will put anyone in a good mood with it’s inspiring lyrics… it’s all about being happy and leading a fresh life, hence the name. And who better to be featured in the track than the ever-inspiring and positive figure, Mr. Beto Perez, also known as the creator of Zumba.


Just above, watch the official Zumba® choreo led by Beto and ask your Zumba instructor to play this upbeat Cumbia-inspired track in your class now!




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