Zayion McCall and Zay Hilfigerrr ‘Juju On That Beat’ + Zumba® Choreography

Ever have that feeling that everybody around you is in on something and you’re missing out? Like when everyone was doing the Whip and Nae Nae before you even had a clue what it meant? Well, we’re here to put you right in the center of the loop. Check out ‘Juju On That Beat’, the latest viral craze, brought to you by Zayion McCall and Zay Hilfigerrr (two teenage rappers from Detroit). It’ll instantly make you want to dance, slide, and drop all day. So grab your favorite Zumba® Instructor, show them Henry Cedeño’s dance moves, and tell them to get inspired to create their own choreography for your next Zumba class!



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