You Glow, Girl!

Let’s face it: our main goal when we exercise is to get an amazing workout for the mind, body, and soul. But we wouldn’t mind looking cute in the process, right?

We love giving you guys bold, bright options to complement your Zumba® classes, especially because wearing bright clothing can have a positive effect on your mood and happiness. And now, we’re taking it to the next level.

Turn off those lights and get ready to party, because our new collection is full of looks that – get ready for it – glow under a blacklight!! We’re so excited to get together with our gals and dance the night (or day) away!

Shop some of our favorite pieces below and share your looks using #ReadySetGlow and #ZumbaWear.

High Beam Paneled Leggings

high beam paneled leggings 1

High Beam Harem Jogger Pants

high beam harem jogger pants 1

Glow Long Sleeve Pullover

glow long sleeve pullover

Glow V Bra

glow v bra

See the full Ready…Set…Glow collection here.