This Year, Let’s Fight Breast Cancer Together

The start of October signifies change: the beginning of a new season, cooler temperatures for many, and preparations for the end of yet another year. It also marks the start of breast cancer awareness month, in honor of a life-changing disease that affects 1 in 8 women across the world. That’s a highly significant number. Every sister, best friend, cousin, aunt, mom, grandmother, daughter, colleague, and stranger has been affected by cancer in one way or another and one thing remains constant: this fight is not fought alone.

This year, we are reminding you that we are all in this together. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are tougher. Together, we are braver. Together, we can conquer anything.

From the caretakers who clean survivor’s houses, keep warriors fed, and provide a shoulder to cry on, to the health care professionals who work tirelessly day in and day out to save lives, we thank you for having our backs. Nobody should have to do this alone.

In 2017, we encourage you to attend or host a Party in Pink™ Zumbathon™ in honor of those fighting and surviving breast cancer. Funds raised through these dance-filled events go towards The Zumba® Global Research Grant For Breast Cancer Prevention, which studies how flaxseed may help prevent breast cancer before it starts.

Visit to see how you can attend or host a Zumbathon™ this year and invite your loved ones to join you. Because friends don’t let friends fight alone. #MoveToGive #PartyInPink


Susan Perez

Susan Perez is the Managing Editor of the ZLife blog and you can usually find her getting her sass on to Beyonce's 'Formation' in Zumba class; other loves include eating popcorn while watching 'The Voice', singing [really badly] at the top of her lungs while driving, and wearing red lipstick.



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