What You Should Know About Monk Fruit

You are probably familiar with the deliciously popular fruits in the melon family: cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon. But there’s one guy you may not know about – the monk fruit! This sub-tropical melon is grown in Southern China and may or may not be named after the Buddhist monks who first grew it hundreds of years ago.

So, why get to know monk fruit?

  • It’s naturally super sweet! The Chinese have been using it for ages as a sweetener for tea and other drinks. We even use it in our Shake Shake Shake™ protein drink
  • It’s low calorie! Because it’s a natural fruit, you can sweeten up foods and drinks without the unwanted health effects of consuming added sugar

Next time you’re reaching for that packet of sugar, consider looking for monk fruit juice concentrate, powder, or sweetener instead. Or, better yet, get your hands on the real thing!

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