What to expect from your first Zumba Class

Any new fitness adventure can be intimidating at first. What if you can’t follow the moves? What if it’s too hard? What if you’re too out of shape?

Intimidation, however, is the opposite of what you’ll find in a Zumba® class. Dubbed the world’s largest fitness party, the 60-minute heart pumping, dance-loving goodness has an open invite to all. With powerful music and a room full of enthusiasm, all of those fears are quickly forgotten.

One of the first things you will notice is that students range in dance ability. Whether you can bust a move like Beyonce or were born with two-left feet, the dance floor is an even playing field. As long as you are moving, you’re doing it right. The instructor queues the moves while facing the class directly…and if you can’t follow a particular move, that’s okay! Just keep moving to the beat. And…oh that beat. Whether you know the music or not, it’s hard NOT to feel it in your bones. You will most definitely leave with at least one song echoing in your brain, a much-welcomed earworm.

Don’t be fooled, however, by all this talk of fun.The Zumba program is most certainly a workout. You will get a good sweat on and leave with an endorphin rush that has you craving more. And that soreness you feel the next day? The best antidote for that is your next class!

To check out some basic merengue steps before your first class, check out the video below!



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