What Music is Trending in Your Zumba Class?

You know Billboard as the ultimate source for the hottest past, present, and future music. And you love Zumba for bringing those songs to life in your sweatiest, shakiest happy hour. Now, the two have teamed up to launch Spotify playlists inspired by Zumba classes, in genres you may not have expected. The series of 4 playlists include jams from the worlds of pop, dancehall/reggaeton, EDM, and hip-hop. Many fans – students and instructors alike – have commented on their love for the great music choices found in the dance-fitness classes:

“I love how Zumba features and represents ALL genres. Something for everyone! And what is even better?? We have choice and freedom to feature a track like this in our class! Thanks Zumba!”


Sound off below and let us know your favorite song to jam out to in a Zumba class!



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