What it's Like to Work at Zumba

Thousands of miles from the Zumba home office in Hallandale, Florida, Allison Robins stepped off the plane in Alice Springs, after an exhausting 24 hours of travel. Landing at a very small airport in this remote Australian city, she was surprised and exhilarated to be greeted by a crowd of cheering Zumba® fans. Her traveling companion, Beto Perez, co-founder of the Zumba® program, was equally as energized by the warm welcome. Beto had joined Allison and a video production crew to film footage for the Zumba® Fitness World Party video game (that came out in 2013).

The Zumba team was greeted with excitement and whisked away to a nearby elementary school, where Beto danced with the children and connected through the rhythms and joy of the Zumba program. Allison watched in delight and realized that she was experiencing, first hand, the true power of music as a universal language–and seeing a Zumba class in action 12,000 miles away from home!

As Director of Public Relations at the Zumba home office, Allison has had many inspirational experiences like this in her four years at Zumba. “It’s amazing to work for a company that has the ability to change people both emotionally and physically. The music and rhythms of the Zumba program connect people all over the world and I love being a part of the equation to help spread that message.”

To Allison, working at the Zumba home office mirrors the magic in a Zumba class. The company is filled with people from many different cultures and countries, yet they all share a strong sense of passion for what they do, much like a Zumba® instructor with their students. As Allison walks around the office, she sees people enjoying themselves and sharing a strong sense of community. Everyone is working hard, yet still having fun. And in the evenings, that passion comes to life even more while employees end their workday by letting loose in a Zumba or Zumba® Step class (depending on the evening).

“One of the first things you’ll find is that everyone is smiling ear-to-ear while dancing. It’s not often you see people smiling through a workout – it’s exercise in disguise.”

Zumba has transformed the fitness industry in many ways. Most notably, it’s inclusive of anyone willing to give its dance-fitness program a try. This inclusive, community-feel translates to the home office, as well.

Allison continues, “We are not just co-workers, we are a hardworking, but fun-loving, sometimes crazy, Zumba family.”



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