Watch This Zumba® Instructor Receive a Gift That Changes Everything

Meet Tekeema Parson. She lives in one of the most obese counties in North Carolina and is making it her mission to change that statistic. Tekeema is a licensed Zumba® Instructor who does what she can to inspire the people of her community to get moving. She motivates them to dance, run 5k’s, and make health a priority in their lives.

Because she’s touched and influenced the lives of so many people, Tekeema was the recipient of the 2016 Inspiration of the Year Award given at the annual Zumba Instructor Convention. But presenting her with the award was not the only way we gave back to Tekeema. Watch as we surprise her with a completely renovated studio that will allow her to keep inspiring her community every single day! Tip – grab a tissue, you’ll need it!



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