I Used To Drink Soda For Breakfast

“Growing up in the South with only one gym in the entire town and a family that drank soda for breakfast, it was very easy to be overweight. I was always introverted and worried about what other people thought of me. No one ever seemed to know that I was always in a constant battle with myself, wishing I could fit into clothes better or look a certain way. I was just never happy with my body.

As an adult, after I moved away from my hometown and had my first child, my husband and I decided to join our local YMCA. The first class I ever took was a Zumba class and I instantly fell in love. Within a few months, I had shed almost thirty pounds and had found something that actually made me happy. Within six months, I decided to get licensed to teach classes. Not being from the area I was now living in, Zumba allowed me to meet people who shared similar stories and helped me build lasting friendships.

Five years and another baby later, I can confidently say that I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Zumba classes opened up the door for me to find my own way into the fitness world, set goals, and crush them. Not only am I healthier at 34 than I ever was at 14 or 24, but I’m confident and proud to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Zumba classes have been more than a tool in my weight loss journey. My life has completely changed. I am beyond grateful to have found this huge, yet so close group of people to share my journey with. I cannot wait to see what will come next!”

Ali Ebert; licensed Zumba® Instructor; lost 8 sizes through Zumba classes and now crushes fitness goals every single day

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