Unsung Heroes: Suzanne Parchment

The Unsung Hero program recognizes ZIN™ Members around the world for their outstanding contributions to their communities, and for their ability to inspire others. This month, December 2016, we celebrate ZIN™ Member, Suzanne Parchment, of New Jersey, USAfor her tireless efforts to help the people in her Community,and many others, in any way she can.

As our CEO, Alberto Perlman, so beautifully stated, it starts with heart. And for Suzanne Parchment, not only does it start with heart, it starts at home. Through many different seemingly small acts of kindness, Suzanne is helping people, both near and far. Just a few examples of Suzanne’s efforts are that in September this year, she provided free Zumba® classes for her students. Also this year, with her leadership, she and her students were able to provide a local pantry that serves the community with feminine hygiene products for women. And Suzanne even often chooses to save what she earns teaching her Zumba classes to support those in need, like in October, when fellow ZINs organized a Zumbathon™ charity event in honor of a local mother and Zumba enthusiast who passed away from breast cancer, and then again, to buy items needed for Midwives for Haiti, following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. One person can change the world, and when we see the self-less acts of kindness of ZIN, Suzanne, we are inspired to give more, too.

Suzanne, thank you for your kind heart, and your incredible love for others.



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