Unsung Heroes: Andrew O’Loughlin & Mariann Knudsen

The Unsung Hero program recognizes ZIN™ Members around the world for their outstanding contributions to their communities, and for their ability to inspire others. This month, October 2016, we celebrate ZIN™ Members, Andrew O’Loughlin, in Ireland, and Mariann Knudsen in Denmark, for their dedication to put an end to bullying and let others know that they’re not alone in the world.

October is National Bullying Prevention month.  So many children and adults face bullying every single day, whether it be in school, online or through other interactions in their daily lives.  Bullying can have devastating effects on a person, on families, and on communities.  Our Zumba® classes are a happy place for many people.  Together, we celebrate some of the best parts of life…music, dancing, cultural traditions, and the beauty of being unique. Andrew and Mariann have joined together to take it a step further outside of their Zumba classes. They are constantly giving a kind word of encouragement, or sharing a compliment with fellow ZIN Members online; always ready to help and always there to listen.  They have even started a Facebook group, Shake It for Friendship, for people to come together and know that they belong.

Andrew and Mariann, thank you for sharing your passion to make everyone feel welcome and important in this world.  It is this type of beautiful kindness that is changing the world.  Thank you for inspiring us to care for others, and to know that we are all better together.



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