Unsung Hero: Terri Grittani


The Unsung Hero program recognizes ZIN™ Members around the world for their outstanding contributions to their communities, and for their ability to inspire others. This month, July 2018, we celebrate ZIN™ Member Terri Grittani of Florida for her dedication to making sure that Zumba® classes are available to everyone in her Community that wants to move, regardless of their age or their challenges.


Terri Grittani has been a dedicated instructor for 12 years, becoming a ZIN™ Member in 2006.  Terri has made it her mission to ensure that classes are available to everyone in her Community who wants to move. Terri is currently teaching 8 classes a week to her incredible students, including a wheelchair class with participants with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and a variety of special needs. One of Terri’s favorite classes is one in which she teaches a group of bariatric patients, most of whom are using walkers for obesity. Terri shared that once the obesity is addressed, their gratitude for a second chance at life is deeply moving.  



Thank you, Terri, for your passion and dedication to bringing joy through movement to ALL.



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