Unsung Hero – April 2017

The Unsung Hero program recognizes ZIN™ Members around the world for their outstanding contributions to their communities, and for their ability to inspire others. This month, April 2017, we celebrate ZIN™ Members, Rachel Evans, from Norfolk, England, Antonio “Tono” Evans, from Washington, US, for their joint efforts to raise funds for a hospice support group.

This story actually starts at the 2016 Convention!  Rachel and Tono met in front of the We Move the World Stage on Wednesday, the night before ZINCON kicked off.  Tono approached Rachel to ask if he could take a video of her awesome rainbow colored hair.  They took a look at one another’s ZINCON badges and saw that although they came from different parts of the world, they shared the same last name!  The “Evans Connection”!  They became instant friends, and remained in touch long after Convention.

Fast forward to March 2017, Tono made his way to England, and proceeded to go to every one of Rachel’s classes.  The grand finale of the week was Rachel and Tono teaching a class together to help raise funds for a local hospice support group.  One of Rachel’s longtime students is a doctor at the hospice facility, and shared at the event that the funds would be used to purchase double beds to allow patients to have the opportunity to spend their last moments side by side with their loved ones, as well as theater visits to provide some happy family memories.

Rachel and Tono, together with their students, raised over $2,000.00 in their class for the hospice support group!

Rachel described this beautiful event in the following way:

“It must be that we are meant to meet some people in this life for a reason and Antonio is one of those people.  Zumba pulls together people from totally different backgrounds and cultures but when two planets collide good things actually can happen.”

We couldn’t agree more!  Rachel and Tono, thank you for harnessing the power of your friendship and your passion for Zumba fitness to help people in such a special way.  May the Evans Connection continue for many years!



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