Two Reasons Why Justin and Selena are Making Headlines This Week

If you’ve been on the Internet at all in the last couple of years, you are probably already fans of two of our youngest Zumba® superstars: Balang and Audrey!

Balang – a 7 year old Zumba lover from the Philippines – first popped up on our screens when his infectious dance moves set to “Bang Bang” earned him a spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! This week, he’s back at it, putting our dance moves to shame as he rocks it out to ‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber. This kid is the best!

And who can forget about Audrey? The pint-size Zumba devotee dances to raise awareness about Diamond Blackfan Anemia – a rare blood condition she has had since birth. She recently posted a video showcasing another one of her talents: her ability to sing! Check out her super adorable rendition of Selena Gomez’s ‘Love You Like A Song’ (Selena herself even gave Audrey a shoutout!).



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