Turn It Up With Moombahton Track ‘Uno Sabe Bien’

The 1st of the month is as good a time as any to try something new in your life, right? Does learning a new choreography count? In our world, the answer is a big, resounding “DUH!”

Zumba® Jammers (and 2017 Fitness-Concert™ talent) Benjamin Richard and Rodrigo Angello are here to teach you the choreography to sizzling moombahton track ‘Uno Sabe Bien’. This one will have you working your legs, so get ready! You’ll be shaking your hips and swinging those legs around in no time.

When you’ve mastered these steps, show ‘em off at a live Zumba class because there’s no better feeling than having a one-hour dance party every day. Dance is life!



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