Turn It Up With Merengue Track ‘La Cosita’

You know how sometimes you’re having a really stressful day and you’re looking for a quick fix to turn it around? Our go-to quick-fix is ALWAYS a dance party. When you get moving and allow yourself to get lost in the music, something shifts in your mind and things start looking a little brighter. Give credit to endorphins or merely just taking a timeout, but either way, something positive happens when you dance!
So here’s your quick-fix of the day. This merengue track, called ‘La Cosita’, is definitely going to make you feel happier! It’s fast, rhythmic, upbeat, and the choreography is pretty killer.
Watch as Zumba® Jammers William Villasenor and Cat Chiemelu-Marte teach you the steps to this hot choreography. Learn it, perfect it at a live Zumba® class, and then use it in your next dance party!
Tell your favorite Zumba® Instructor that this merengue pick-me-up is on ZIN67 and to download the full song and choreography on ZIN™ Now!



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