Turn It Up With Merengue-Hip Hop Track ‘Firehouse’

Raise your hand if you love Merengue. Raise your other hand if you love Hip Hop. Now, keep your hands up and learn the choreography to hot Merenge-Hip Hop track ‘Firehouse’ by Daddy Yankee featuring Play N Skillz! Taught by Zumba® Jammer Henry Cedeño and Zumba Education Specialist Betsy Dopico, this song and dance will have you breaking a serious sweat in no time. This song can only be heard in a Zumba class, so tell your favorite Zumba Instructor to teach the full choreography ASAP! ZINs – this choreography is an alternate to the one you’ve seen on ZIN™ Now (after all, two is always better than one!).

PS – how much fun are Henry and Betsy having?!



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