I Transformed My Body and I Love It

“At a very young age, I started dancing and fell in love with rhythms like jazz, hip hop, salsa, and belly dance. In high school, I worked at a fitness center and really got into exercising, but that changed once I began college. I felt really overwhelmed with work and school and became extremely sedentary. I gained a little over 25 pounds and I had to lose it somehow. My best friend told me about the Zumba program and I decided to get licensed my sophomore year of college. I was teaching within a week.

I had so many emotional moments. I would get exhausted just going up and down the stairs. I was frustrated with my wardrobe because nothing would fit. I literally wore leggings for two years because I refused to go shopping for bigger clothes. But what really triggered me was a student who once told me I didn’t look like a fitness instructor. That really hurt.



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After I graduated college, I was working for an international trade company while still teaching some Zumba classes on the side. It was a great job with great pay and benefits, but I was sitting at a desk for about 10 hours a day. All I dreamt of was turning my passion into my profession, and working in an office just wasn’t my thing. So in 2015, I resigned and began teaching Zumba classes full-time.

I’ve lost about 30 pounds through Zumba classes. Recently, I also began teaching STRONG by Zumba and it’s totally changing my body structure once again. I am toned and lean with more muscle. I love it!

I proudly represent the best company ever. Happy is an understatement.”

– Cat Medina; licensed Zumba® and STRONG by Zumba™ Instructor; uncovered her very best self

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