To My Student-Turned-Instructor: Thank You

“Roberta Cowell lost her husband about two years ago, a few months before attending her first Zumba class. Tears fill my eyes repeating the words that she expressed to me recently. She said she had planned to live the rest of her life as an ’empty shell’ in her home. It was shocking to hear, because in the years that I’ve known Roberta, I’ve only seen this very excited, happy, healthy, do-it-yourself kind of lady. She never once showed her sadness or loneliness. Roberta’s daughter encouraged her mom to take that first class, thinking it would keep her active and busy, and thankfully Roberta kept on coming. Her life was forever changed because of that Zumba class. She crawled out of that shell and became a happy woman, actively a part of her community. Today, she is a 65-year old Zumba Gold Instructor. This woman who planned to waste away, lonely in her home until her day had come, will now be dancing with her family for many, many, many years. I am so thankful that the Zumba program brought Roberta to me, and into my heart.”

– Paula Jacobs, instructor to Roberta Cowell, who will now be leading classes and hours of happiness for so many in her community
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