Timbaland Partners With Zumba® on New Program

By now, you’ve most likely heard of STRONG by Zumba™, the new high-intensity class that syncs movements to music. When it came to creating moves for STRONG by Zumba, we teamed up with our best instructors and program writers to create routines that were intense, progressive, and effective. For the music portion, we knew we had to collaborate with producers who create the most infectious beats, so that our routines were set to original music tailored to the movements. When we thought about master beat makers, one name came to mind: Grammy-award winning master hit-maker Timbaland.

And now, it’s official. Timbaland has teamed up with us to co-create music for STRONG by Zumba™. Music that will motivate students to work faster and harder than ever.

Watch Timbaland chat with Zumba CEO Alberto Perlman about the partnership, his creative process, and why STRONG by Zumba is different than any program out there.

And don’t miss the first official demo of the STRONG by Zumba program, set to one of Timbaland’s exclusive, original STRONG by Zumba tracks called “Nobody” by Obs3ssed. If this doesn’t get your heart pumping and motivated to work out harder, then we don’t know what will!



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