The Perfect Pre-Class Fuel On the Run


The other day, I received a text from a fellow Zumba instructor asking me to cover her 6:30pm class. “No problem, any excuse for another class! :)” I wrote back as I dashed out the door of my office and started scrolling through my iPod to pick the perfect playlist.

I commute through a major train station, and realized I should pick something up so I would be able to bring it on for the class – after all, high energy is central to creating a fitness party! I was drained from a longday at work and really needed a boost. There were fries, chips, and cookies as far as the eye could see – but I knew that if I ate something like that I would be done before my first cumbia. 

Then I spotted Jamba Juice. Yes! The perfect amount of healthy carbs before class. Even better, they were offering a new smoothie – Colada Fruit Refreshers, made with coconut water – just right for the pre-class electrolytes I needed! The taste reminded me of being on a Caribbean beach… the perfect set up to my soca/salsa/merengue line up! I could practically feel the island breeze as I sat on the train. I felt so great during class that I decided to do a little research after and here’s what I discovered:  

  • Their Make it Light line offers delicious flavors that are lower in sugar and fat.
  • Only 11% of Americans eat the fruits and veggies they should each day, and fresh juice is a great way to get more servings in for a healthy diet. 
  • They make 18 drinks that have 250 calories or fewer – a delicious beverage treat that won’t undo your workout.

I was SO excited to find out that Jamba Juice is the official sponsor of the Fitness Concert at convention this year. The best part? You’ll get to try samples of their delicious products by the sponsor area of the convention. Show Jamba Juice some #ZumbaLove on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.


Jennifer Lauren

Jennifer Lauren is a Zumba® instructor from New York. She blogs about teaching Zumba® classes and all things fitness at



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