The Only New Year’s Challenge You Need

If you’re anything like us, you spend a portion of your week reading through Elite Daily, the online powerhouse that we are slightly obsessed with. If you don’t know Elite Daily, they are one of the fastest growing, most influential sites out there, with 28 million readers a month! A sort of voice for the millennial generation, Elite Daily is at the forefront of what we think is important. And fitness is no exception.

Starting this month and going through February, staff members at Elite Daily are rolling out the #STRONGer2017 challenge. As part of their resolution to get healthy and stronger, these staff members are committing to consistent HIIT workouts, with music-led interval training program STRONG by Zumba® at the core. The reason they are HIIT-focused? Because, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, HIIT workouts “burn more calories than traditional workouts, especially after the workout.”

They’ve landed on STRONG by Zumba as their class of choice because they know it works: the music is motivating (think original, amazing songs produced by legends like Timbaland), it’s a killer workout (burpees, squats, planks, oh my), and the burn is very real (your heart will be pumping and the calories will be burning after the class is over). So, the Elite Daily staff is banding together to take up to three STRONG by Zumba classes per week through February, eat a cleaner diet, and track the whole thing on the Elite Daily site and @EliteDaily on social.

As Suzanne McKenzie from the Elite Daily staff puts it, “If a HIIT bootcamp had a baby with a night out at the club, you’d wind up with STRONG by Zumba”. If that doesn’t motivate you to do push-ups with the best of them, check your pulse!

Join the challenge and post about it using #STRONGer2017 and let’s see what we can all do together because in 2017, we’re claiming that strong is the new black.

Check ZLife and @STRONGbyZumba often for challenge updates, motivational tips, details about the STRONG by Zumba program, and daily inspiration. And find a your next class here.



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