The New Zumba Manifesto

What are these awesome motivational phrases written across even MORE awesome photography of real people enjoying Zumba®? What does it all mean? Why on earth would we continue releasing these images? Are they somehow all connected?

We’re glad you asked. What you’ve been seeing on our social media (and below) are all pieces of the new Zumba® manifesto. Like all things, this manifesto is inspired by you!

So what exactly IS a manifesto? It’s a public declaration of who we are and what we stand for. Zumba is all about finding fun in unexpected places. Before Zumba, would you ever think that workouts could feel less like “work” and more like a party? Would you be able to imagine introducing a fitness concept that allows everyone (regardless of age or varying limitations) to let loose and express themselves?

We’ve been so fortunate to see lives transformed, to see people catch the happiness that a class can bring, that we wanted to share this official manifesto with you. Each of those lines come together to form our brand stance. Who we are, who we represent and who we’re so fortunate to know and have be a part of this awesome fitness revolution.

So now, without further delay, here is our manifesto in all of its awesome glory. Want to download the free full version? Click below!



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