The Importance of Me Time

“Since the age of three, I have loved to dance. I grew up in a family where dancing and performing in talent shows was just something you did. When Jeremy was born in 2001, I began to spend less and less time taking care of myself, and more time advocating for him, helping other people, and stress-eating. It was time to change that. I made a commitment to put ‘me-time’ first, and that decision has changed my life. 

When I went to the first few classes I felt extremely self-conscious. You know, I would look around the room and think ‘I’m too fat’, or ‘Why is that skinny person here working out?’. But then I noticed that I felt like I was in the middle of a dance party and I actually forgot I was working out. 

It’s difficult to cope with a full-time job, a side-job as a Zumba Instructor, and a medically complex 14-year old son. But the truth is, I feel so much happier, healthier, more empowered, and the stress is just gone.” 

– Paula Keyser; discovered Zumba® classes in 2011, became a licensed Instructor in 2014; has lost more than 30 lbs and 12% body fat and still going 

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