The Doctors Were Wrong

In her late teens, Ashley Davidson was so overweight, she thought an eating disorder was the only way out. And after her son’s birth and years of balancing this unhealthy lifestyle, the doctors told he that her thyroid had shut down and she’d be obese the rest of her life.

Depression took over and going to the gym became an embarrassing outing. A member of Curves, she had tried Zumba in the Circuit Class when the gym was empty, and it seemed to be the only workout she really enjoyed. Hungry for more, she found a regular Zumba class near home, but her insecurities still held her back—she didn’t want to be “the fat lady” in the room.

“I sat in my car, day after day, watching people walk by. One day, I saw someone even bigger than I was, and somehow found myself walking into class. My social anxieties were through the roof!”

 After taking many Zumba classes and getting over her insecurities, Ashley’s passion had been fueled. She had never felt so alive and began taking classes 5-6 nights per week, building some amazing friendships along the way.

Today, Ashley has lost 140 pounds, opened a workout space called Fitness Fusion Studio, became a licensed Zumba instructor, and now has a budding business with one of her Zumba gals. She has hundreds of students that show up to every class she calls the “judgment-free zone.”

“Words cannot express how indebted I am to the friends I have made, including the mentorship from amazing Zumba Jammers (ZJs) and most importantly superstar Zumba Education Specialist Loretta Bates. I am almost at the same weight I was 20 years ago when I married my amazing husband!”



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