The Colorful Kicks Your Closet is Begging For


Sneakerheads, listen up! We’ve got something that you are going to love, just in time for summer.

Our favorite season is upon us and we want to make sure we’re looking fresh, whether we’re headed to a Zumba® class, strolling through a park, or just hanging with friends. And it all starts with our feet.

Zumba® Wear has just launched a re-vamped collection of sneakers that will instantly amp up your style. Now, first you have to know that these Zumba® Wear sneakers are specifically designed for dancing. In a Zumba class, or on any dance floor, you need shoes that will allow you to pivot and slide with ease. So, rest assured that when you’re wearing these kicks, you can completely focus on the moves (and looking cool) and nothing else.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the collection. Your favorite Zumba Street Boss high-top kicks have been re-designed with hip, new colors that add pop to any outfit. Available in White, Pink, Gold, Black, and Silver, you can totally match your sneaks to your personality. These are flying off the shelves, so you better get shopping now (PS – the Pinks are a special edition and available only in limited quantities on, so snag them while you can)!