I Left My Violent Neighborhood And Made My Dreams Come True

Rony Gratereaut grew up in a rough neighborhood in Puerto Rico, where he saw things that no young person should be witness to. Despite his surroundings, Rony felt he could dream big, achieve what he wanted, and build a life that didn’t take him down the same path as some of his neighbors. He discovered dance and unleashed a true passion.

Rony eventually moved to Orlando, Florida and, during a chat with a friend whom he considers a mentor, realized that becoming a Zumba® Instructor could fulfill his desire for a career in dance. Now a Zumba® Jammer (an instructor who created choreography for other Zumba Instructors to use), he’s happier than ever. And, in 2017, one of his biggest dreams to date came true! Watch now to see what happened.

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