Take Your Dance Party To The Pool

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a water aerobics class? Meet Aqua Zumba®, a fun, low impact format that brings your favorite dance moves and international rhythms into the water.

According to JillianMichaels.com, “Because a water aerobics class keeps the body moving and the heart rate increased, the class provides significant cardiovascular benefits… a 45-minute class can burn between 350 and 600 calories.” In other words, you’ve got your high intensity workout but with minimal impact on the joints.

Here are some tips by Zumba Education Specialist, Richard Gormley before you jump in the pool: 

  • Your outfit: You’ll obviously wear a bathing suit to class, but be sure that it’s a secure fitting suit that allows you to swim, turn, and jump comfortably.
  • Following along: You’ll know exactly what to do, because the instructor stands on the pool deck and demonstrates all of the moves. No experience necessary!
  • Use your hands: Aqua Zumba® is effective because the water adds resistance to your workout. When the instructor cups her hands or indicates arm movements should be done under water, take advantage of that extra resistance for a great toning workout!  Consider the water your liquid weight room, cardio, and fun all at once.  
  • Find your best spot in the pool.  Ideally, the workout is performed at arm-pit level.  This will add just the right amount of resistance and buoyancy to your workout. 
  • Keep control of the water and push down towards the floor of the pool.  Being submerged in water is kind of like working out on a different planet, so don’t be surprised it if takes a couple of classes to get accustomed and to really start feeling the total body workout.  
  • Changing it up: Working out in the water provides a much needed break from the impact cardio can have on your body. Think about rotating Aqua classes into your regular schedule for some relief on your joints.  You’ll leave the class feeling great and totally refreshed. 


Want to get an idea of what an Aqua Zumba class is all about? Check out Richard Gormley‘s moves at the pool:


Jennifer Lauren

Jennifer Lauren is a Zumba® instructor from New York. She blogs about teaching Zumba® classes and all things fitness at www.TheZBeat.com.



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