The Surprising Way I Teach Early Childhood Education

“Growing up, music and movement were a part of my life in so many ways; from being a flutist in concert and marching bands to dance competitions to singing in choirs, it was in my blood!

In college, I enrolled as a music major with the intention of being a classroom music teacher. When I took the class “Music for Young Children”, my whole life changed. In this class, we had to face our fears by singing to the toughest audiences: infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. As the true experts, they let you know straight up if you were singing the song wrong. As the weeks went on, I started to hear the infants coo the resting note, the toddlers clapped their hands on beat, and the preschoolers were designing their own rhythmic patterns. I knew from just that class that I wanted to be around this age group all day long. So I changed my major to Early Childhood Education and never looked back!

As a Zumba fan, when I heard that the Zumbini program was coming out as Zumba for parents and children, I knew I needed to become an instructor. This was the first program I had heard about that truly combined everything I love and I believe that all children should have this in their lives!

I am so blessed that I get to spread so much love, happiness, and joy to so many families through Zumbini classes. Seeing a child’s development week after week while we sing, dance, and smile together is a true honor.”

Amanda Holliday, mom and licensed Zumbini® Instructor; surprised to find that the workout she loves led to the career choice that fulfills her truest passions



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