Superstar DJ Steve Aoki Scores Exclusive Music For Non-Dance, High Intensity Program ‘STRONG by Zumba®’

MIAMI, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Bootcamp-style program STRONG by Zumba® continues to revolutionize high intensity workouts through music, this time announcing its latest music collaboration with world renowned DJ and record producer, Steve Aoki. The Grammy-nominated producer hit the recording studio to create exclusive beats for the non-dance, music-led program that focuses on the innovative approach of syncing music to moves while pushing and motivating students to go beyond their limits and achieve results.

“It’s no secret that I am a fitness freak! I’m always drawn to intense workouts that push me harder and STRONG by Zumba is doing this with music,” said Steve Aoki. “It’s the first time I’ve seen a fitness brand reverse engineer music by scoring the beats around the routines and I’m excited to join them in hacking motivation through music. I love that I can translate my high energy beats from the stage to the fitness floor and motivate people to burn calories and get toned!”

STRONG by Zumba® is a non-dance, one-hour group exercise class that combines body weight exercises with muscle conditioning, martial arts and plyometric training moves specifically designed and synced to original music. As a leader in creating original music and making the workout enjoyable for years, Zumba has created a completely new concept in the high intensity space where the beat acts as the ultimate motivator. The songs are crafted and reverse engineered to match every move, pushing participants way past perceived limits.

“Aoki’s innovative sounds, personality and creative energy match perfectly with STRONG by Zumba,” said Zumba CEO, Alberto Perlman. “By working with world renowned producers, we are able to provide the best, most unique beats in every class that drive the ultimate afterburn.”

Aoki’s music is exclusively for SYNC, the STRONG by Zumba Network — an educational and music platform available to licensed STRONG by Zumba instructors who join the membership program. “Creating music for this program was a unique process. I received the routine and scored music around it, bringing the routine to life,” Aoki continued. “When we pair the song with the moves, the motivation factor is insane!”

Check out Steve Aoki talking about creating this track with STRONG by Zumba and the future of the fitness industry. For more information about STRONG by Zumba® and to find a class or become licensed to teach the program, visit You can also follow STRONG by Zumba® on Instagram at @strongbyzumba for updates and featured content.

About STRONG by Zumba®
STRONG by Zumba® is a non-dance, music-led, high-intensity exercise class that combines bodyweight, muscle conditioning,cardio and plyometric training moves. The routines were created first and then music was reverse-engineered to match every move perfectly, for a unique workout experience that pushes you past your perceived limits. This new concept which emphasizes music as the main motivator allows you to burn more calories while toning abs, legs, arms, and glutes. The STRONG by Zumba® workout is complemented by athletic apparel and footwear. Instructors can opt to receive exclusive music, routines, marketing materials, and support by joining SYNC, the STRONG by Zumba® Network. For more information and to find a class, visit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

A quick note about the STRONG by Zumba® mark:
When referring to our mark, we ask that you help protect the instructors who teach STRONG by Zumba® classes by following these guidelines:

  • Capitalise the word “STRONG” in our STRONG by Zumba® mark
  • Use the mark to describe our products or services (e.g., “STRONG by Zumba® class,” “STRONG by Zumba® instructor”)
  • Use the ® symbol after the word Zumba®
  • Never use “STRONG” by itself – always refer to the program/class as “STRONG by Zumba®”
  • Never use the STRONG by Zumba® marks as a noun or a verb.

Jackie Kundla

SOURCE Zumba Fitness

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