Study Confirms Dance Fitness Improves Quality of Life

In a recent, systematic review by two Italian universities, the health benefits of Zumba workouts were scientifically confirmed.

The Sport and Exercise Medicine Division of the University of Padova, and the Department of Medical Sciences of the University of Cagliari collaborated on the study with the specific objective to analyze the body of evidence on the effects of Zumba fitness interventions on physical function, fitness, and wellbeing.”

The conclusions were straightforward and to the point.  “Zumba fitness could be considered an effective type of physical activity, to improve aerobic capacity with positive effects on muscular strength and flexibility.”


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The report continued, …positive benefits were noted for reducing body weight and other body measurements. Furthermore, other effects, including psychological and social benefits on quality of life, were found after Zumba fitness interventions.”

The report was conducted in June of this year and analyzed 11 different manuscripts from a pool that only considered studies published in peer-reviewed journals and written in the English language.  The documentation covered nearly 600 participating subjects from ages 18-65.

The results were summarized in several categories, including:

  • Anthropometric parameters and body composition
  • Hormonal and metabolic profiles
  • Aerobic and cardiovascular performance
  • Muscular fitness parameters
  • Quality of life, pain score and physical activity

Once again, the healthy benefits of the Zumba program have been empirically confirmed.  But then, you knew that!


Chuck Leve

Chuck Leve is a 40-year veteran of the fitness industry and proven successful developer of fitness industryassociations. Currently he serves as the Executive Vice President of Business Development for the Association of Fitness Studios (AFS). He's been involved in the creation and development of some of the most successful trade associations in the history of the fitness industry.



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