STRONG by Zumba® is Going Global

STRONG by Zumba® is the latest group fitness class taking the world by storm. The music-led program delivers a high-intensity cardio experience that works out your entire body all at once. The fact that it is music based sets it apart from any other exercise program out there.

The routines for STRONG by Zumba were created first and then producers like Timbaland reverse-engineered the process and crafted original music that perfectly matched the routines. So when you’re punching, kicking, and doing burpees, you’re doing it all to a beat. The result? A super-effective workout that’s actually fun to do (no counting of reps necessary).

People from Brazil to the UK to Germany are all taking notice. Check out what they are saying about STRONG by Zumba:

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun doing a full-body workout (and sweating like crazy) – this program has potential for addiction!”

“Selten hat mich ein Ganzkörperworkout mit so viel Spaß (und Schweiß) gerockt – das hat Suchtpotential!”

  • FitForFun, Germany

“…there isn’t a single count down because the music makes it obvious when to start and stop, so while I can’t tell you how many squats we did, my aching glutes the next day probably could.

“It’s a hard core-cardio workout, which pushes you past your own physical limits using an amazing playlist that you might find yourself missing outside of the class.”

“Kicks, pushups, burpees and dance steps, all synchronized with music. This is the structure of the newest sensation within gyms: STRONG by Zumba.”

“Chutes, flexões, burpees e passos de dança, tudo sincronizado com a música. Essa é a proposta da aula que é nova sensação dentro das academias: Strong by Zumba.”

“We did pushups. We did planks. We boxed. We lunged. We did basically every move that you’ve ever done in a HIIT workout, but instead of wanting to die the entire time, we actually had a blast…Think of it this way: If a HIIT bootcamp had a baby with a night out at the club, you’d wind up with STRONG by Zumba.”

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