I suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury

Dubbed “Super Dave” by the Zumba community, Dave Cohen has certainly earned his nickname. He spent most of 2010 in the hospital fighting for his life with Leukemia and a Bone Marrow transplant. In 2012, Dave was rushed into emergency brain surgery following an accident. In 2013, he turned to Zumba fitness, looking for a program to help him get in shape and recover from his traumatic brain injury.

After taking classes for a year, Dave decided to become a licensed Zumba instructor; he was feeling great and even hosted various Zumbathon charity events to raise money for Leukemia. However, in 2013, Super Dave suffered another health setback; he had a heart attack and had to undergo a triple bypass.  While in the hospital, Dave was overwhelmed by how many Zumba friends came to visit.

“I feel blessed to have come across the Zumba program when I needed it.” Dave continued, “I really think Zumba fitness has saved my life.”