Younger Than Ever at Age 50!

Veronica Scott’s struggles with health have been life long. She has battled obesity since childhood, as well as Metabolic Syndrome, high-blood pressure, heel spurs, lower back arthritis, and high cholesterol. She could barely walk because of the pain and noticed that her health issues were aging her far quicker than she’d like. Throughout her life, she turned to food for comfort, creating a dangerous habit of weight gain and deteriorating health. Worst of all, Veronica was devastated when she learned that she was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, otherwise known as breast cancer.

“They don’t call it morbidly obese for nothing,” says Veronica. “Because my cancer was estrogen and progesterone receptor positive and estrogen is stored in fat cells, I believe that obesity played a huge role in my diagnosis.”

Veronica’s health issues were also a factor in her breast cancer treatment. After two surgeries and several rounds of radiation, her blood pressure came crashing down due to chemotherapy treatments. Her body was unable to tolerate the aggressive chemo. Fortunately, the treatment plan her doctor enacted was successful and Veronica is now in remission.

Thankful for her survival and motivated by the significant aging her obesity was causing, Veronica knew it was time to make a lifestyle change at the age of 47. Starting at 255 pounds, she vowed to lose 120 pounds by her 50th birthday.

At a Relay For Life® event where she was celebrating her survival and performing with her band, a Zumba® class demonstration caught Veronica’s eye. Never one to associate fitness with fun, she was shocked to find herself having a blast. The program’s at-home DVD’s jump-started her weight loss journey and eventually gave her enough confidence to try a live class. And exactly one month before her 50th birthday, she achieved her goal weight of 135 pounds!

Today, Veronica is healthy and almost medication-free. Most importantly, she is happy.

“I wish I hadn’t taken so long to get serious about my health, but I’m grateful that I did,” says Veronica. “For the first time in my entire life, I feel like a sexy, beautiful woman. What an awesome way to feel!”

To get a further glimpse into Veronica’s fight against breast cancer, watch her music video here.