Why I’m Feeling Confident for the First Time Ever

“Ever since I was a little girl, I would dream about being on stage and pursuing my love of acting. Growing up, I dabbled in film and theater. I would get roles and then quit due to my crippling self-image and lack of confidence. I thought everybody was better than I was. Eventually, I gave up and told myself that it wasn’t my path in life. 

When I found Zumba Fitness in 2009, the energy of the classes just blew my mind, but I never imagined it would change my life the way it has. Teaching Zumba classes and being part of the community has not only helped me grow and learn as a person, but it has given me confidence for the very first time in my life. I’ve been given the building blocks and the platform to perform by motivating, encouraging, and bringing energy to others. This has been a hard path for me but I vowed to myself to push through it and I’m so glad I did.

My debilitating self-esteem and self-doubt are a mere picture of the past and I am ready to walk this road to my dream and destiny. I recently took the leap and auditioned for a play and have since been cast in 3 theater productions in a row! That little insecure girl is gone. What stands here is a confident woman, ready to face anything.”

– Cynthia Chavez, licensed Zumba® Instructor since 2009; finally living her dream, full of confidence, thrilled by what is yet to come 

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