Why Dancing Saved My Life

“After the death of a relative, our family suddenly grew from 3 children to 7. Life became difficult to handle. My husband’s company was downsizing and he was terminated. We hung in there as long as we could but it became overwhelming. We lost our home, our savings, our car; we lost everything. Life had won by a knockout. I couldn’t breathe, I was depressed, and I packed on over 100 pounds through emotional eating. 

Just when I felt like giving up, a friend walked into my life and offered me hope. She recommended I try Zumba classes, and before I knew it, I had danced away 100 pounds. My energy was restored, my drive was back, and I could live again. I am a living testament that hard work and a changed mind saves lives.” 

– ShaVonda Williams, discovered Zumba® classes in 2012, became a licensed instructor in 2013; has lost 100 pounds and regained confidence through the program  

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