Tuberculosis Is No Excuse For Me

“I constantly hear people coming up with any excuse to skip a workout, so I’m sharing my story in the hopes that I can inspire others. I am in remission from Tuberculosis. I had the disease from 6 months of age, but was not diagnosed until I was 2 years old. My lungs are scarred, resulting in asthma-like symptoms, and two mastoidectomies have left me almost completely deaf in my left ear. The strong medicines I took as a child caused my teeth to grow in yellow. I was so ashamed that I would never smile. Since my equilibrium was off, I would often lose my balance and walk into walls when I was younger.

Despite all this, I was never allowed to use my disability as an excuse. My father owned a Martial Arts School and I trained in both that and dance from a young age. My confidence grew and by 9 years old, I became a Junior World Champion in karate. Dancing helped me learn to catch my balance and focus, and taught me to feel the music even if I couldn’t hear it too well. I always dreamed of having a career in dance.

Now, I love inspiring people and showing them they can be their very best if they just try. I’ve taken my career to a place I never thought was possible. My disabilities have never been an excuse, I’ve just found a way to do the things I want to do. And now I hope I can inspire other people to create their own stories.”

-Roxanne Carrano Torres; licensed Zumba® Instructor since 2011; believes in making moves, not excuses

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