Petty Officer Takes Up Salsa During Deployment in Afghanistan

Sean “Puffy” Brown is not your typical fitness instructor.

A former member of the US Navy Reserves, Sean was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. While there, he dedicated his free time to his newly discovered passion: salsa dancing. Fast-forward some months and Sean had lost 45 pounds, a new look, which he described as “deployment-sexy”. 

“When I got back to California, I didn’t want to gain back the weight I had lost,” said Brown. “Since I loved salsa classes so much, my wife suggested I try her Wii Zumba game, which then led me to a Zumba class at my local gym.”

All it took was one butt-kicking session of Zumba® class with his fireball instructor named Lupita, and he was hooked.

​Sean says, “Lupita became my ​mentor, eventually​ helping​ me train to become a licensed Zumba Instructor. I always tell my students ‘Anyone can dance.’”​

He now teaches throughout the week at 3 different gyms and is happy to report he’s kept his deployment-body in great shape.