My Panic Attacks Are Gone!

Monica started teaching Zumba classes in her local church gym with eight students. She recalled “I was 44 year’s old and nobody’s idea of a fitness instructor. My class grew rapidly, which gave me the confidence to clean up my eating plan. I lost eighteen percent body fat and twelve pounds, which left me feeling like a lean, mean, dancing machine.”

As her body began to change, her mental and emotional state changed as well. She found strength, resolve, clarity, and courage that she realized she had been severely lacking.

At the time, Monica faced a difficult personal situation that had been affecting her health. She had been on two inhalers for breathing problems, found herself getting injured often, went through a long unexplained illness, and had began experiencing panic attacks.

The strength she found through fitness, which began with stepping into her first Zumba class, ultimately led Monica to find the courage to choose a different, healthier path. “It was a very long and difficult journey, but the Zumba program was there for me every step of the way,” Monica reflected.

“Now my Zumba class is my main source of income and I love how it has come full circle and is so much more than an exercise class. We are a community of women who love, support, and pray for each other. We stick together through thick and thin!”