Like father, like son

Anthony Romero always tried to be a happy, positive person, but suffering from various medical conditions including Psoriatic Arthritis often made that a challenge. Rather than continuing to be a victim of his chronic medical conditions and poor dieting, Anthony made a decision to fight back, not just for his own personal health, but also for his wife and son.

While planning his journey towards better health and diet, Anthony decided he needed to find a workout that would not hurt him, but instead help him break out of his shell. One day, Anthony heard music from a class in his gym that was symbolic of his Puerto Rican heritage and key childhood memories in New York’s Spanish Harlem. He took a leap of faith and decided to walk into the class. At that moment, he knew he had found what he had been looking for in an exercise program.

Anthony came home from the gym that evening excited to tell his family about his experience. After hearing about his dad’s new discovery, Anthony’s then 10-year-old son Justin Romero, said, “I am going to do it with you! I want you to get healthy!”

That was just the extra push that Anthony needed. Initially, working out was difficult for Anthony due to the extra 150 pounds he was carrying and the extreme pain associated with his conditions, but together with his son, Anthony not only had a reason to fight for his life, but now he had a way to fight the conditions that plagued him.

As for Anthony’s ailments? He has lost 75 pounds since finding Zumba fitness, but is far from done. He’ll always have Psoriatic Arthritis, but the Zumba workout has helped Anthony find the sun in every day life, regardless of his challenges. Now a licensed Zumba instructor, he has taken part in over 30 Zumbathon charity events.

“Watching my son on stage with me has made my dreams come true. We could not be more proud of Justin, now 13 year’s old, whose mission is to help change the world!” Anthony said.

There’s no question that Anthony and Justin will help change the world, one Zumba class at a time.