Keeping My Head Above Water

“The best way I can describe my clinical depression is to compare it to drowning in the ocean. When I am depressed, everything is diluted, a little less clear, a little less exciting, a little less hopeful. I remember sitting at a diner with my dad this past June. When the waitress handed me the menu, I could barely see it – I had tears welled up in my eyes.  As they began to fall to my cheeks, my dad said, ‘Enough. I can’t see you in this pain anymore. Something has to give’. Zumba classes have taught me to ride the waves. Every time I attend a class, things seem a little more manageable. I am happy to report that my ocean has become smaller. Undoubtedly, with my type of depression, it will resurface but at least I know I have the right raft.”

– Dayna Altman, Zumba® Student